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PADI Open Water Diver Referral...

PADI Diving courses conducted either in the pool, from the shore or boat are subject to satisfactory completion of our medical statement - please click here to view.

We make arrangements for those who wish to complete the PADI Open Water Diver theory and pool sessions in the UK but would like to finish the actual open water dives abroad. For current availability please check our schedules page. We have a private pool that you will be practicing in that allows plenty of time to build confidence without pressure or distractions. Our classes are small and informal, focussing on individual attention.

There are a number of resorts we can recommend or you can take up the rest of your training at a PADI dive operation of your choice anywhere in the world.

Classroom   Pool

We send you the course materials before you arrive in Pembrokeshire, then study at your own pace !

We use all the latest digital teaching aids to enhance the theory presentations and and have the best diving equipment available.

We also cater for those who need to finish off the open water part of the course after completing the theory and pool sessions (within six months) - the price is the same, takes two days to complete and includes; equipment hire, boat charges and certification fees.

Accommodation available in our tidy lodge accommodation at £ 25.- per diver per night.

To confirm bookings we accept credit cards over the phone (Opening Times); and cheques through the post; usually at least four weeks in advance of any course or activity. By making any payments clients consent to have read and agree with our Terms & Conditions.

For booking outside our published schedules and for any other queries please use our Contact/Enquiry form, alternatively the numbers or email below:

Tel: 01348 871938

Mob: 07816 640684

Open Water Diver Referral - 2 to 3 days

What does this include ?

Manuals, logbook, dive planner no-decompression tables and DVDs, yours to keep ( it is important to review this knowledge periodically )

No more than four candidates to one Instructor and assistant

Equipment hire and air fills

Private pool fees

Extra contingency - up to three days in case any participants fall behind

£ 245.-

New MARES mask, fins & snorkels >>>>>>