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Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care...

Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care is a comprehensive program based on professional instructional design and educational protocols, as well as International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) standards.

For current availability please check our schedules page.

The program is composed of two core modules and provides extensive instruction in CPR and First Aid, in addition to providing optional emergency oxygen use training. These are essential courses for both divers and non divers.

( We run the BSAC O2 Provider course which is specifically for diving emergencies - learn more about diving accidents, how to avoid them and how best to treat a casualty using the oxygen kit until they can be evacuated. )


These are "dry" courses, both hands on practical and theoretical; two evenings or one complete day each.

We use all the latest teaching materials and will send out the training materials so you can study at your own pace before attending the course.

To confirm bookings we accept credit cards over the phone (Opening Times); and cheques through the post; usually at least four weeks in advance of any course or activity. By making any payments clients consent to have read and agree with our Terms & Conditions.

For booking outside our published schedules and for any other queries please use our Contact/Enquiry form, alternatively the numbers or email below:

Tel: 01348 871938

Mob: 07816 640684

Emergency First Response and Secondary Care

Including participation pack: 1 day

£ 78.-
shipping extra