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Buddy Commando



The BUDDY Commando is probably the most famous BCD ever built.

It was originally developed to meet the punishing demands of Navy SAR divers - and is still in service today.

It subsequently took the sport and technical diving market by storm outselling its rivals for over 20 years.

The new Commando retains the essential qualities and features on which this success is based – such as superior build, lift and surface support characteristics - and adds the new advantages offered by reflex technology.


OUR PRICE (s, m, l): £ 395.- incl air cylinder & AP 200/ breathing valve

OUR PRICE (xl, xxl): £ 435.- incl air cylinder & AP 200/ breathing valve

Upgrade to Auto Air: £ 40.-


Buddy Tekwing


The New BUDDY Tekwing

The BUDDY Tekwing (26kg) is a fully customisable technical buoyancy control package with a wide range of optional features allowing you to configure the kit precisely to your needs.

Options include redundant buoyancy, weight integration, a choice of accessory stowage and pockets, emergency breathing and buoyancy systems and multiple cylinder camming and side-mounting options.

The Tekwing includes the new element ::backpack with all its advantages of comfort and fit.

The new backplate also features double cam band slots allowing you the option of fitting two sets of twin-set cam bands top and bottom. This cylinder cam setup will retain a twinset consisting of two independent cylinders (i.e. with separate first stages rather than a manifold) as firmly and rigidly as steel bands.

BUDDY Super Cam webbing bands have the advantage over steel bands in that they are easier to pack for travel, require no tools to fit and are easily adjustable to suit other diameter cylinders

Tekwing (one size fits all) OUR PRICE: £295.- incl air cylinder & AP 200/ breathing valve

Tekwing Lite (one size fits all) OUR PRICE: £ 275.- incl air cylinder & AP 200/ breathing valve


Buddy Explorer


Step outside your comfort zone – In complete comfort

The BUDDY Explorer is our top end sport jacket built to exactly the same high standards of quality, performance and comfort as the technical range.

In developing this bcd we have made absolutely no compromise in the essentials and then added value aesthetically and ergonomically to create one of AP Valve's finest jackets ever.

The new Explorer is packed with features designed to make your diving as comfortable and responsive as possible.


OUR PRICE (s, m, l): £ 375.- incl air cylinder & AP 200/ breathing valve

OUR PRICE (xl, xxl): £ 415.- incl air cylinder & AP 200/ breathing valve