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Stylish Italian masks so you can see underwater, fins to propel you through the oceans and snorkels to help you breath more easily !

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Mares Liquidskin

Colours: Green, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Red




Mares Liquidskin Mask

The brand new mask from Mares, with co-molding silicone.

• 45% Softer: Unparalleled Comfort
• 270% More Elastic: Highly Adaptable
• Increased Field of Vision
• New Ergo buckles assembled on skirt
• Easier equilization due to softer nose pocket and added movement in the mask

With the addition of Mares patented Liquidskin® technology, the X-Vision now offers comfort that was formerly impossible. By co-molding two different types of silicone, there is no longer a need to compromise comfort in order to support the frame structure of a mask.

Liquidskin® adapts to facial movement and offers a great seal virtually eliminating water leakage

OUR PRICE - £ 49.95

Mares Avanti Superchannel

Colours: Blue Fog, Yellow, Red, Blue




Mares Avanti Super Channel fins

The Latest Evolution In Channel Thrust Technology

• Three-Channel "Superchannel" Blade
• Anatomical Foot Pocket
• Rugged, Durable Construction

New ABS Plus Buckles

Avanti Superchannel is designed for the diver who wants the perfect blend of power and efficiency in one fin.
• The new blade design with a large central Superchannel and two traditional lateral channels provide excellent thrust while maintaining hi-efficiency to reduce leg fatigue
• The blade is constructed of Tecralene® and Thermoplastic rubber for extended durability
• Upper and lower stabilizers help transfer energy from foot pocket to the blade
• Available in sizes S through XL
• The straps feature ABS Plus (Adjustable Binding System) for one step quick and easy opening or closing.

OUR PRICE - £ 49.95

Mares Quattro Excel

Colours: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Red




Mares Quattro Excel Fins

Following numerous tests on new materials in the field and in the lab, and after lengthy computer simulations intended to improve the performance of the Avanti Quattro, the Mares Quattro Excel is born.

  • The Super Channel Thrust makes it possible to channel the water and optimize thrust in comparison to other fins of similar size.

  • The elastic OPB system ensures that the blade is always at an optimal angle during both the upward and downward strokes, thus considerably increasing efficiency.

  • The "whale fin" section in the foot pocket allows for greater transmission of power, with improved sensitivity when finning.

  • In order to improve performance over the already legendary Avanti Quattro, three different materials were used.

  • The consequent advantage is greater thrust with the same effort.

  • The straps feature ABS (Adjustable Binding System), recognized worldwide as the best strap closure and adjustment system.


OUR PRICE - £ 99.95

Mares Avanti Quattro

Colours: Blue, Yellow, Black

Mares Avanti Quattro Fins

Mares phenomenal Avanti Quattro fins set the standard for all contenders!

  • Long finning action without exertion
  • Ideal for warm-water and tropical diving
  • A medium sized blade with three channels; the curvature of the central channel opposes that of the side channels
  • Blade stabilizers on the end of the fin help prevent ankle injuries caused by twisting blade

OUR PRICE - £ 69.95

Mares Raptor

Colours: Green

OUR PRICE - £ 99.95


Mares Raptor Split Fin

Mares applies its world class Fin R&D to split fin technology

• Nature’s Wing technology
• Whale Tail design great power
• ABS Plus buckles

Raptor uses an advanced design and combination of materials to create the highest performance split
fi n in its class. The Raptor’s design including the Whale Tail foot pocket for maximum energy transfer,
delivers the maximum thrust and effi ciency in the split fin category.

Mares BreezerMares BreezerMares BreezerMares Breezer

Colours: Blue, Green Pink, Yellow, Black, Red

Breezer Purge

Breezer Purge Snorkel from Mares. New Breezer snorkel complements Mares masks. The special technique of overmolding is used to create 5 soft touch areas on the snorkel. This combination of materials makes it easy to position, even when wearing thick gloves. Available in a wide range of colours at a suprisingly low price.

OUR PRICE - £ 14.95